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Aviva Shabat

Hanna Sacks Bais Yaakov Class of 2024

“Being a leader means leaning into discomfort. It can be being vulnerable, or inspiring the people around you. Being brave enough to try new things while looking out for those who don’t yet have that skill.”
Next year, Aviva is planning on studying Judaic Studies and Neuropsychology.


Sarah Besser

Vernon Hills High School Class of 2024

“Leadership to me means being a role model. It’s about helping and supporting others, uplifting them in order to better your smaller communities and society as a whole. Leadership is also about inspiring others and leading by example so that we can reach a common goal.”
Next year, Sarah is planning on studying Secondary Education with a specialization in Mathematics.


Tyler Rosenthal

Highland Park High School Class of 2024

“Leadership is a journey, not just a destination. It’s about growing alongside others, guiding with empathy, and making an impact that resonates beyond oneself.”
Next year, Tyler is planning on studying Business.