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Frequently Asked Questions

For most of our volunteer opportunities we accept anyone over the age of 14, however for our Early Childhood and Sunrise Day Camp volunteers you must be over the age of 16.

Of course! The JCC offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for people with many different interests. If you are interested in an opportunity that is not listed on our webpage, please contact Brad Spradlin, at or at 224.406.9225.

At any point during the year, anyone is welcome to apply as a volunteer for a JCC Chicago program or event. After filling out the New Volunteer application it will be reviewed by our Volunteer Coordinator.

If you meet the JCC Chicago Volunteer requirements as stated on the Volunteer application, applicants will be contacted to set up a short virtual meeting to begin introductions and the initial interview process. Please note, if you are applying to be a volunteer at one of our Early Childhood centers, additional interviews will be required before starting.

To become a JCC Chicago volunteer, a background check will be conducted, regardless of age or area of interest. Please note, if you are applying to be a volunteer in our Early Childhood center, additional background checks and documentation will be required.

Once the required background check is completed and passed, you will be provided with our Volunteer Welcome Packet and asked to sign the Volunteer Agreement Form. Additional training may be required based upon the role you wish to volunteer for.

Volunteering provides you with a sense of purpose and community, can help improve your social and professional skills, can provide networking opportunities and job prospects, and brings fun into your life!

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