Why You Should Participate in JDAIM with Us

Raise awareness and affirm that inclusion and belonging are essential to well-being and quality of life of people with disabilities, mental health conditions and caregivers—like anyone else.

Underscore the importance of choosing one’s own Jewish journey.

Support people with disabilities and mental health conditions in all aspects of communal life—as they choose.

Be part of a growing worldwide initiative to support participation and involvement in communal life.

Advocate for the civil rights of people with disabilities and mental health conditions.

Understand and overcome stigma, prejudice, biases, stereotypes, and myths about disability and mental health conditions.

JDAIM 2021 Programs


What Makes Me Tic: Comedy, Disability, and the Inclusive Community with Pamela Schuller

Appropriate for Teens and Adults
To kick-off the month we invite you to join us for an evening of comedy, storytelling, and advocacy with the engaging and internationally known Pamela Schuller. As a teen, Pamela was diagnosed with the worst-case of Tourette Syndrome in the country, and now she has joined her two passions as a disability and mental health advocate with her standup comedy to share her heart-wrenching, yet unapologetically hilarious observations on disability, mental illness, dating, family, and her past misadventures.


LIVE Q&A: Living Art

Hosted by JCC Chicago Film Festival
Living Art  follows the life of Mara Clawson, a brilliant visual artist battling a life-threatening genetic disease. As she prepares for the largest gallery show of her young career, Mara shows us what it means to create a life inspired by love and kindness. 

Join us for the Live Q&A about the film moderated by Rena Rosen, JCC Chicago Inclusion Coordinator and Early Childhood Educator.


The Courage to Be Kind Reading and Author Talk

Hosted by JCC Chicago Early Childhood
Join Rena Rosen, JCC Chicago’s Inclusion Coordinator and Early Childhood Educator as she shares her book “The Courage to Be Kind”.

What do YOU do when you see someone who looks different than you?

A child’s day is filled with “teachable moments”, opportunities to introduce a new skill, fact, word or a new found appreciation. Connecting Jewish values to this process is a natural extension of the process. Kindness, inclusion, community building and friendship is grounded in much of our early childhood classroom experiences. Through stories, dramatic play and open-ended conversation we foster appreciation and value of all differences!


Camp Shabbat Song Session Featuring Special Guests

Hosted by Camp Chi
Join Camp Chi for their famous Shabbat Song Session featuring talented song leaders and guests!

In it’s centennial year, JCC Chicago’s Camp Chi is proudly at the forefront of inclusive camping. With our strong bond and relationship with Keshet, Camp Chi and Apachi Day Camps are able to provide accessible, inclusive, safe and JOYFUL summers for campers of all abilities, needs and differences! The success of Keshet and camp shines through the lifelong friendships and community involvement that carry on for years after.