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Internship Opportunities

JCC Chicago is proud to offer internship opportunities year-round in a variety of different departments across our agency. From internal management internships in the Fall and Spring to Summer Day Camp internships at our Apachi and Sunrise-Chicago Day Camps.

We welcome applications from a variety of experiences and backgrounds including those seeking career changes, students taking a gap year, rising Junior undergraduate students, as well as graduate students.

Applicants must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED and must make sure they fit the qualifications of each specific internship. You must also be able to provide your own housing and mode of transportation.

Each internship will vary based on the date and time for each position, however applications open in the following periods.

Internship Season Application OpensInternship Period

The Benefits of Interning with JCC Chicago

Gain an understanding of the behind the scenes work of a large non-profit organization.

Participate in hands on work that will help you gain meaningful experience and develop new professional skills.

Work alongside dedicated individuals who share your love and passion for non-profit work.

Create a large network of connections within both JCC Chicago and the community.

Work towards a common goal to change the world for the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

As many as you qualify for and are interested in! Keep in mind some internships require certain qualifications or experience.

JCC Chicago offers both paid and unpaid internships. Make sure to read the position listings for each individual internship to see the pay status.

Absolutely not! JCC Chicago welcomes applications from all levels of experience and backgrounds. Individuals seeking a change in career paths, individuals taking a gap-year of school, undergraduate students who have completed their sophomore year, and graduate students are welcome to apply!

While internships do not guarantee full-time employment after your program is completed, interns are more than welcome to apply to any open positions we have as well. Many staff members started off as interns or volunteers.

Stay Up to Date

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Questions? Please email Brad Spradlin at