Baseball Training and Games

Sundays | April 18-June 20

Grades 3-4: 2:00-4:00pm
Grades 5-6: 4:00-6:00 pm

Fee: $175

No Class May 16 and May 30

This training program is designed for the player who is interested in competing or participating in a baseball league (house or travel), and looking to improve their core skills. Each 2 hour session will be devoted to getting players more repetitions (groundballs, flyballs, etc.) that they may be missing in practice with their own team or community based leagues. The program’s goal is to comprehensively create a solid base of fundamentals and muscle memory that each player retains moving into their current or upcoming season. Our focus will be on Infield, Outfield, Hitting, basic Pitching mechanics and Base Running. Attaining these fundamentals will allow each player to start building on the more advanced technical aspects of the game down the road. Simulated and structured scrimmages will be held every session to ensure players are having fun, playing in live games, and experiencing all the aspects of baseball you’d get from a traditional league.

Please Note: No gloves or helmets will be provided due to Covid regulations. Some bats will be provided, but players are highly encouraged to bring their own bat they have been/will use in upcoming leagues.

Equipment Required: Gloves, Baseball Cleats, Hat/Visor, Baseball Pants, and your own bat is highly encouraged.

Masks will be required. Screenings will be completed for each participant each day.

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T-Ball League

Ages 4-6 | April 11-June 20

Sundays | 11:30am-1:30pm
No classes on Sunday, May 16, 30

Fee: $195

All players will be required to bring their own bats, gloves, and helmets. Players are permitted to share bats and helmets with participants in their own pods/within their family and friend groups.

The focus of the T-Ball League is for the participants to have fun while learning the game of baseball at its most fundamental level. Parents coach in this league and games are umped by the coaches of Hot Shots Sports. Hot Shots Sports coaches provide instruction while umping to ensure all players understand the rules of the game and are advancing their skills each week.


Basketball Clinic 201

Grades 3-5 | April 4-June 13

Sundays | 4:00-4:50pm
No Clinics May 16, 30

Fee: $135

Players begin to develop more advanced skills such as various guard/post techniques, setting screens, moving without the ball, and offensive spacing. Defensive instruction includes man-to-man, denying the ball, help-line and boxing out. Players spend time developing their shot using proper mechanics to be effective further from the basket. Scrimmages are played every week.


Basketball Clinic 202 

Grades 6-8 | April 4-June 13

Sundays | 5:00-5:50pm
No Clinics May 16, 30

Fee: $135

Masks must be worn at all times. Screenings will be required  for all participants. 

Class will be conducted with various guard/post techniques to develop passing, shooting and dribbling in game situations. Defensive instruction includes man-to-man, denying the ball, help-line and boxing out. Athletes qualified for Basketball 301 should possess intermediate shooting and dribbling skills, a basic understanding of the game and are looking for a more competitive basketball experience.