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Weekend at Chi is an awesome vacation for kids and easy for parents.

Transportation to/from camp is included in the Weekend at Chi fees. Specific pick-up and drop-off information will be available closer to the program date. We will be leaving from the Northern Suburbs by 1:30pm in the afternoon to get up to camp before Shabbat.

Weekend at Chi takes place at the Perlstein Retreat Center on the grounds of Camp Chi in Lake Delton, Wisconsin. Campers stay in heated, hotel-style rooms.

Packing List

Frequently Asked Questions

We hire great staff who have previously worked or attended JCC Camp Chi or Apachi J Camps and their friends. All staff are interviewed and have a background check. These experienced staff are fun, safety-minded and great at helping kids adjust to being away from home.

We anticipate that there will be 4-6 campers in each hotel-style room. Counselors sleep in rooms in the same buildings as the kids. They will be on-duty and making rounds until all campers are asleep.

Yes. Prior to the start of the program, you will complete a Friendship Request form, which allows each camper to request one or two friends to be roommates.

If your child doesn’t know anyone else attending, we will place him or her in a room with other kids close in age. Many kids attend without knowing other kids or other kids their age. Our counselors are experts at helping kids adjust to camp and meet new friends.

We serve kid-friendly food and snacks. Examples of meals include pancakes, pizza, chicken sandwiches, spaghetti. All food is prepared in our CRC-supervised kitchen.

We can accommodate most food allergies and special diets. Please contact us prior to registering to discuss any food allergies or special dietary needs.

We stock Lactaid and rice milk. These products are available whenever we serve milk. Additionally, dairy-free meals are available for campers with dairy allergies.

Also, we can accommodate the special diets associated with Celiac Disease. Campers needing a gluten-free diet will receive menu options that closely mirror what is being served during a particular meal. To help with this effort, families of campers needing gluten-free diets are asked to contact us and, possibly, provide certain food items for their camper.

To help protect the health of campers and staff, we do not use peanuts, tree nuts or nut oils in the preparation of food in our dining hall or in a cooking activity. We will not serve items where the label indicates that the food contains peanuts or tree nuts, but we may serve packaged items that state that a product has been produced in a factory or on machinery where nuts may have been present or similar language.

Although serious efforts are being made, we cannot guarantee an entirely nut free facility. Nut products and gluten are not always clearly labeled.

Weekend at Chi is open to all 3rd-7th graders. Many participants will not have attended a JCC camp in the past.

Weekend at Chi is a great way to try out our camp programs and also meet new friends.

Parents will complete health and medication forms authorizing camp staff to distribute medications according to the instructions on the bottle or package. Parents will package all medications prior to departure indicating the time of distribution. Whenever possible, please try to have medications distributed during meal times or prior to bed.

It’s camp so our preference is for kids to leave all electronics at home.

All JCC Chicago camp programs partner with Keshet to provide one-on-one support and accommodations for campers with disabilities. Please contact Jennifer Phillips, Camp Chi Inclusion Coordinator, for more information, pricing and registration.

Contact Us about Weekend at Chi

Please call us at 847.763.3551, email us at