Chicago-Lakeview | Florence G. Heller JCC

8 Weeks | 6/25/18 – 8/17/18
4 Weeks | 6/25/18 – 7/20/18 and 7/23/18 – 8/17/18

2-Day On My Own2 yrs8T/Th9:30-12:00pm
3-Day Nature Explorers3-4 yrs8M/W/F9:30-12:30pm
5-Day Nature Explorers3-4 yrs8M-F9:30-12:30pm
2-Day On My Own2 yrs4T/Th9:30-12:00pm
3-Day Nature Explorers3-4 yrs4M/W/F9:30-12:30pm
5-Day Nature Explorers3-4 yrs4M-F9:30-12:30pm



Chicago-Rogers Park | Bernard Horwich JCC

8 Weeks 6/18/18–8/10/18
4 Weeks 7/16/18-8/11/18

3-Day Little Scouts2 yrs (by 6/1/18)8M/W/F9:30am-12:00pm
5-Day Little Scouts2 yrs (by 6/1/18)8M-F9:30am-12:00pm
5-Day Extended Day2 yrs (by 6/1/18)8M-F12:00-1:00pm
3-Day Little Scouts3 yrs (by 10/31/18)8M/W/F9:30am-12:00pm
5-Day Little Scouts3 yrs (by 10/31/18)8M-F9:30am-12:00pm
5-Day Extended Day3 yrs (by 10/31/18)8M-F12:00-1:00pm
3-Day Little Scouts2 yrs (by 6/1/18)4M/W/F9:30am-12:00pm
5-Day Extended Day2 yrs (by 6/1/18)4M-F12:00-1:00pm
5-Day Little Scouts2 yrs (by 6/1/18)4M-F9:30am-12:00pm
3-Day Little Scouts3 yrs (by 10/31/18)4M/W/F9:30am-12:00pm
5-Day Little Scouts3 yrs (by 10/31/18)4M-F9:30am-12:00pm
5-Day Extended Day3 yrs (by 10/31/18)4M-F12:00-1:00pm

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Glencoe | Am Shalom

8 Weeks | 6/18/18 – 8/10/18

2-Day Little Travelers
18-24 mos8M/W10:15-11:45am
2-Day Little Travelers
24-36 mos8M/W10:15-11:45am
2-Day Little Travelers
18-24 mos8T/Th10:15-11:45am
2-Day Little Travelers
24-36 mos8T/Th10:15-11:45am
3-Day On My Own2 yrs (by 9/1/18)8M/W/F9:30-11:00am
4-Day On My Own2 yrs (by 9/1/18)8M/T/W/F9:30-11:00am
3-Day Little Explorers3 yrs (by 9/1/18)8M/W/F9:30-11:00am
4-Day Little Explorers3 yrs (by 9/1/18)8M/W/F9:30-11:00am
Lunch Bunch2-3 yrs8M/T/W/F11:30am-12:15pm



Lake Zurich | Lake County JCC

8 Weeks 6/18/18–8/10/18

On My Own2 yrs (by 9/1/18)8T/Th9:30am-12:00pm
Little Explorers (Camping Creations)3-4 yrs (by 9/1/18)6/18-6/22M/W/F
Little Explorers (Mud Madness)3-4 yrs (by 9/1/18)6/25-6/29M/W/F
Little Explorers (Barnyard Blast!)3-4 yrs (by 9/1/18)7/2-7/6M/W/F
Little Explorers (Nature Exploration)3-4 yrs (by 9/1/18)7/9-7/13M/W/F
Little Explorers (Down and Dirty Gardening)3-4 yrs (by 9/1/18)7/16-7/20M/W/F
Little Explorers (All Things that Go!)3-4 yrs (by 9/1/18)7/23-7/27M/W/F
Little Explorers (Commotion in the Ocean)3-4 yrs (by 9/1/18)7/30-8/3M/W/F
Little Explorers (Beach Bash)3-4 yrs (by 9/1/18)8/6-8/10M/W/F



Northbrook | Bernard Weinger JCC

Apachi Village J Camp

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