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Our program is specially tailored for our youngest campers. Campers are placed in small groups with caring, nurturing counselors. Together they participate in sports, games, swimming, arts and crafts, climbing and other special activities. Artists-in-residence provide entertainment and teach new skills through magic, juggling, percussion, dance and more.

Swim Program

Kids are taught how to swim at Apachi Village J Camp with the program that helps them feel comfortable learning to swim and progress at their own pace. The well-respected Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy is praised by parents for its effective, multi-step approach.

Our certified JCC aquatics staff creates a safe, confidence-building environment for JCC J campers. Safety is our priority and all members of the JCC aquatics staff are certified lifeguards with CPR training for the professional rescuer.

We have at least two lifeguards safeguarding the pool at all times. Counselors are in the water with the children and each swim group has a swim instructor staffing the group. JCC Apachi Village J Camp has 3-year-olds swimming for a half hour, two days a week; and our 4-year-olds swim for a half hour, four days a week.

Testing, placement, progress reports

Campers are tested at the beginning of summer and placed in an appropriate swim level based on their skills. They pass through levels based on both formal and informal testing. Progress reports are sent home during the summer with a summary of skills your child is working on and those already mastered.

Transportation, Friends, Food, Wellness

Convenient carpool drop-off and pick-up

Campers carpool to and from camp using our convenient carpool lanes. To make camp pick-up as efficient as possible, we assign each car or carpool a number that we can use to quickly match campers with their rides. Sweet, simple and safe! All campers in carpools are escorted to and from their cars by our staff.

Camp Groups

Groups are based on registration and friendship requests. Our three and four year old groups may be single gender or co-ed.

Friendship requests

Campers can submit friendship requests in the spring and we will do our best to accommodate mutual requests.


Please send along a sack lunch that we’ll refrigerate. Don’t forget to write your camper’s name on the bag. Plus we have kid-friendly snacks every day!

Food allergies

Safety and inclusion are top priorities at JCC Chicago Day Camps. Our camps are committed to being allergy-safe. While our camps are not allergen-free, we strive to make our camp environments as safe as possible for children with food allergies using a customized approach and working closely with each family to develop an action plan for the child. More information can be found below:

Safety and inclusion are top priorities at JCC Chicago Day Camps. Our camps are committed to being allergy-safe. While our camps are not allergen-free, we strive to make our camp environments as safe as possible for children with food allergies using a customized approach and working closely with each family to develop an action plan for the child.

What families can expect from JCC Day Camps

Camp Responsibilities:

  • Camp staff will establish prevention protocols for the camp site.
    • Make plans so that campers with food allergies can be included in all activities.
    • Make sure ingredients of food provided at camp is available for parents to review.
    • Review the health records submitted by parents and physicians.
  • Assure that appropriate personnel are familiar with the use of epinephrine, where medication is located and the protocol for administering.
    • Arrange a training session before the start of camp.
    • Be in compliance with local and state regulations regarding the administration of medication.
  • Identify a camp emergency plan.
    • Arrange a meeting with camper and parents prior to the beginning of camp.
    • Assure that camp has the required authorization and appropriate medication to use in the event of contact.
    • Assure that anyone who will be in contact with the camper, including counselors and the unit head, know of the allergy, can recognize the symptoms of an allergic reaction and knows what action to take if a reaction occurs.
  • Discuss lunch plan with the family and child before the start of camp.  Every camper with a food allergy is encouraged to use a disposal tray during lunch. A new tray will be provided to the camper each day. The tray will create a barrier between the child’s food and the table and will also make it easier for staff to clearly identify children with food allergies during lunchtime.
  • Clearly explain to families that camp environments are not allergy-free because campers and staff can bring their own food to camp, including food that contains peanuts and tree-nuts.
  • Explain JCC Chicago’s no sharing policy to campers and staff.
  • Plan for field trips or off-site activities.
    • Confirm that any emergency medications and authorizations accompany the camper and the counselor to off-site activities.
    • Assign the unit head as the person to monitor or administer medication or auto injector.
    • Be sure there is a way to contact emergency assistance.
    • Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for proper storage.

Family Responsibility

Families should:

  • Notify the camp of the camper’s allergies or suspected allergies upon registration.
    • Use the camp application and/or health form and list the foods to which your child is allergic.
    • Arrange a meeting with the camp prior to your child’s first day. We suggest that the camper is present for this meeting so that the parents, child and staff can discuss a food allergy plan together.
    • Provide camp with a completed Illinois Food Allergy Action Plan and Treatment Authorization including a current photo: Due: April 15, 2018.
    • Consider sending a box of allergy-safe snacks for your child at the beginning of the summer.
  • Medication
    • All medication must be checked for expiration dates. Parents must be prepared to replace any expired, unsealed, or previously use medication.
    • Provide full set of auto-injectors, as prescribed by physician, in original packing, clearly labeled with the camper’s name.
  • Education
    • Educate your child about his/her food allergies
      • Safe and unsafe foods
      • Strategies for avoiding unsafe foods
      • Symptoms of allergic reactions
      • How and when to tell an adult about an allergic response

Camper Responsibility

All campers should:

  • Be aware of the foods to which they are allergic.
    • Never trade food with other campers.
    • Never eat something with unknown ingredients.
    • Always ask an adult when you don’t know the ingredients.
    • Tell an adult if a reaction seems to be starting, even if there is no visible appearance of an allergic response.
    • Never go off alone if symptoms are beginning.

JCC will follow the action plan that is agreed upon with the family, and which will be based on the full disclosure of the family. While the goal of the JCC is to provide a safe and inclusive environment, JCC does not represent that the allergy restrictions and action plans are appropriate for the particular camper. JCC will not assume any liability for the approach used.


Immunizations & Health Forms

To participate in camp, campers must have a completed health form signed by a physician on file. We also require documentation of immunizations.


Please see below for program descriptions and fees.


3 Year-Olds

Whatever number of days you are looking for, our 3 year-old program introduces campers to the fun of camp plus twice a week swim instruction. Within small groups, guided by mature, experienced counselors, kids build confidence, make friends and have fun. You and your child will feel the reassurance you need for a comfortable and successful first camp experience.

SessionDatesEarly Bird
Full Summer | 3 Days (M, T, F) | 8 Weeks6/18-8/10$1,290$1,415
Full Summer | 4 Days (M, T, Th, F) | 8 Weeks6/18-8/10$2,045$2,195
Full Summer | 5 Days | 8 Weeks6/18-8/10$2,275$2,400
Session 1 | 5 Days | 4 Weeks6/18-7/13$1,440$1,500
Session 2 | 5 Days | 4 Weeks7/16-8/10$1,440$1,500


4 Year-Olds

Our four-year-old summer program is designed to provide a fun and positive camp experience for your child and peace of mind for you. Apachi Villagers participate in a full spectrum of activities where the emphasis is on being active, acquiring new skills and developing special bonds.

Campers benefit from meaningful participation in a camp community designed just for them. Small group sizes and experienced and mature, caring counselors give each child the attention he/she needs to thrive in fun summer activities like swim instruction four times a week, games, sports and more.

SessionDatesEarly Bird
Full Summer | 5 Days | 8 Weeks6/18-8/10$2,640$2,765
Session 1 | 5 Days | 4 Weeks6/18-7/13$1,305$1,365
Session 2 | 5 Days | 4 Weeks7/16-8/10$1,305$1,365


CIT |  Grades 8-10

Leaders of tomorrow participate in this fun-challenging training program that develops leadership and communication skills, and provides a great opportunity for older campers who like working with young children to become role models. Successful completion of this program makes the CIT eligible to apply for a staff position the summer before entering 11th grade. CITs select which age group they want to work with at the time of registration.

Full Summer | 8 Weeks6/18-8/10$1,060
Session 1 | 4 Weeks6/18-7/13$630
Session 2 | 4 Weeks7/16-8/10$630


Additional Options

Before Care$280



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