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2017–18 School Year Registration

Agassiz School – 2851 N. Seminary Ave, Chicago
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Alcott College Prep – 2625 N. Orchard St, Chicago
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Andrew Jackson Language Academy – 1340 W. Harrison St, Chicago
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Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School – 3751 N. Broadway St, Chicago
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Brentano Elementary – 2723 N. Fairfield Ave, Chicago
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Burr School – 1621 W. Wabansia Ave, Chicago
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Chicago Jewish Day School – 5959 N. Sheridan Rd, Chicago
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Decatur Classical – 7030 N Sacramento Ave, Chicago
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Florence G. Heller JCC – 524 W. Melrose St, Chicago
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Hitch Elementary – 5625 N. Mc Vicker Ave, Chicago
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Kellogg Elementary – 9241 S. Leavitt St, Chicago
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LaSalle II – 1148 N. Honore St, Chicago
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Lenart Regional Gifted Center – 8101 S. LaSalle St, Chicago
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Lincoln Elementary – 615 W. Kemper Pl, Chicago
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Moos Elementary – 711 N California Ave, Chicago
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National Teachers Academy – 55 W. Cermak Rd, Chicago
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Palmer Elementary – 5051 N Kenneth Ave, Chicago
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Peterson Elementary – 5510 N. California Ave., Chicago
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Pritzker School – 2009 W. Schiller St, Chicago
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Pulaski International School – 2230 W. McLean Ave, Chicago
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|  Spanish

Skinner North Classical School – 640 W Scott St, Chicago
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Solomon Elementary – 6206 N. Hamlin Ave, Chicago
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Solomon Schechter
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Gym & Swim Fridays Registration

Suder Montessori Magnet School – 2022 W Washington Blvd, Chicago
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1. How do I register and pay for J at School?

Register online or print the forms found in the Locations tab. All registrations must be either processed online or with a customer service representative over the phone at 312.775.1848.

2. What if I don’t need care on a regular basis, but only once in a while?

You have two options: the JCC punch card or Back-up Care. Both options require 24 hours notice before your child attends.

  • The “10 visit card” includes 10 pre-paid sessions. This is a good option if you only need care on occasion, or to supplement a regular schedule. Please bear in mind that the punch card expires at the end of each school year and any unused sessions will not be refunded.
  • If you do not think you will use 10 sessions before the end of the school year, or if you need care on an emergency or one-time basis, you are welcome to contact us regarding our drop-in session program, known as Back-up Care.
3. How much does it cost?

Our program is paid in 10 equal monthly installments, and works out to be about $5-7/hour. The more frequently a child attends, the lower the hourly rate. For example, if the monthly rate for 2 days/week (3 hours per day) is $160, it works out to $6.67/hr. However, if a student is registered for 5 days/week at the same school, and the monthly rate is $345, it works out to $5.75/hr.

4. How do I apply for fee assistance?

We partner with Illinois Action for Children, and funding may be available to those who qualify. Please visit their website to apply. In addition, JCC Chicago does have a limited amount of fee assistance for qualified families. Please contact us for details.

5. My child has special needs. Can s/he attend J at School?

We’d love to chat. Please contact the program manager or coordinator to determine if J at School is the right fit for your child.

6. The school year has already begun, is there still room for my child in your program?

We highly recommend registering before school begins. However, if your childcare needs have changed since then we are most likely able to assist. Please contact us for details.

7. What experience and qualifications does your staff have?

All program staff members have extensive experience working with school-age children and are background checked upon hire. At the beginning of each school year, we provide Red Cross First Aid certification training to all staff members. Many have degrees in education or are currently in graduate school studying a related subject area, and others have been working with children part-time for many years while also pursuing a career in a related field or in the creative arts. We strongly encourage our staff to share their unique talents and passions with our students!

9. You’re not at my school. Can you come here?

Perhaps! Please call 312.775.1848 or email us.

Contact us about Before & After School.

Call us at 312.775.1848 or complete the form below.

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