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Sheva. The number seven has extraordinary power in Jewish thought and practice. The core elements of Sheva are firmly rooted in the latest research on child development and are the foundation of our teaching.

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2019-20 School Year

Registration for returning families opens November 19.

Full-Day Preschool

2-Day Infant/Tot6 wks-14 mosT/Th7:00am-6:00pm$1,240
3-Day Infant/Tot6 wks-14 mosM/W/F7:00am-6:00pm$1,600
5-Day Infant/Tot6 wks-14 mosM-F7:00am-6:00pm$2,105
2-Day Toddlers15-23 mosT/Th7:00am-6:00pm$1,180
3-Day Toddlers15-23 mosM/W/F7:00am-6:00pm$1,520
5-Day Toddlers15-23 mosM-F7:00am-6:00pm$2,005
2-Day 2s2 yrsT/Th7:00am-6:00pm$1,005
3-Day 2s2 yrsM/W/F7:00am-6:00pm$1,570
5-Day 2s2 yrsM-F7:00am-6:00pm$1,770
2-Day 3s3 yrsT/Th7:00am-6:00pm$1,030
3-Day 3s3 yrsM/W/F7:00am-6:00pm$1,520
5-Day 3s3 yrsM-F7:00am-6:00pm$1,740
2-Day 4s4 yrsT/Th7:00am-6:00pm$1,030
3-Day 4s4 yrsM/W/F7:00am-6:00pm$1,520
5-Day 4s4 yrsM-F7:00am-6:00pm$1,740

Half-Day Preschool

5-Day 2s2 yrsM-F9:00-11:45am$670
5-Day 3s3 yrsM-F9:00-11:45am$670
5-Day 4s4 yrsM-F9:00-11:45am$670

Full-Day Preschool/Camp Combos

Combo With…ProgramAgeCamp Days | EC DaysPrice/mo
Apachi Village8 Week Camp + 5-Day 3s (Full-Day Preschool)3 yrsM-F | M-F$1,739
Apachi Village8 Week Camp + 5-Day 4s (Full-Day Preschool)4 yrsM-F | M-F$1,739
‘Z’ Frank Apachi8 Week Camp + 5-Day 4s (Full-Day Preschool)4 yrsM-F | M-F$1,793

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jennifer rosenfeldJennifer Rosenfeld, Director

Jen holds a degree in Child Development and Family Relations and has over 20 years of classroom and management experience with JCC. She has a special ability to build relationships with teachers, children and their families. You will appreciate her caring, nurturing manner and commitment to excellence in early childhood.

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