Illinois Action for Children

Action for Children is a state funded program that provides financial support to families in need of child care for programs such as Early Childhood, After School, and Day Camp. To learn more about Illinois Action for Children click here.

Application  Checklist  Application (Spanish)

You would qualify for Action for Children if you meet the following requirements:

  • All parents and or/adults living in the household must be working and/or in school during the time the family is requesting the care in need.
  • Parents/Guardians must be Illinois Residents
  • Children receiving care must be under the age of 13 (children can be up to age 18 if there is a documented special need requiring they be supervised)
  • You must meet the income guidelines as listed below (please note the monthly income must be BEFORE taxes)

You would need to complete the following application here and submit to and include two consecutive pay check stubs within the last 30 days OR a letter from your employer on your company’s letterhead verifying your hourly wage, work schedule, with your employers contact information if pay check stubs cannot be provided.

Once your paperwork is received you would receive an email from our financial analyst to confirm if you qualify and what your estimated coverage would be within 7-10 business days upon submitting your paperwork.


There is no cost to apply for Illinois Action for Children.

Depending on your income size and the program registered for, you can receive (if approved) anywhere from 25% to 100% off your child care expenses.

Fee Assistance

Fee assistance consideration is available for many programs and services to families demonstrating need. All requests for fee assistance are on a first received, first completed basis and are handled confidentially.

At this time, our fee assistance application deadline has passed for the 2018-2019 programming year.  If you would still like to inquire about fee assistance, please contact Taylor Anderson at 773-938-8351 or e-mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Fee Assistance helps offset a portion of JCC program fees and is made possible through JCC Chicago and Women’s Auxiliary funding and the generosity of donors.

Fee Assistance is awarded on a first received, first completed basis. It’s variable and based on need and funding availability.

Consideration is available for those qualifying based on financial need. All JCC Chicago customers are eligible to apply for Fee Assistance.

Funding is limited and based on availability, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Fee Assistance is awarded on a first received first completed basis. The program balance is the responsibility of the customer until qualified assistance is applied.

Yes. Program registration is required in order to be considered for Fee Assistance. A Fee Assistance request will not be considered until registration for the program has been completed.

  • Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Care
  • Early Childhood Preschool
  • Early Childhood Kindergarten
  • Early Childhood Preschool Summer Camp
  • J at School
  • JCC Overnight Camp
  • JCC Day Camp
  • Maccabi
  • JCC Aquatics (select programs)

No. Only one Fee Assistance application should be submitted per family per JCC Chicago fiscal year (July 1-June 30) and should be submitted each year. All submitted Fee Assistance applications expire on June 30th of every year.

J at School and Camp applications will be reviewed monthly.

Applications for the Early Childhood programs are due by February 1. Early Childhood awards will be granted by March 15.

Please allow a minimum of 45 days for your application to be reviewed.

All questions relating to the Fee Assistance application including help with completing the application or help with any documents required to be submitted with the application, receipt of the application or status of your application should be directed to

For any questions regarding your award, denial or payment plan, please email and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Savings and Discounts

There are many ways you can save on JCC Chicago programming. See below for a few options. Additional sibling and early bird discounts may be available to you, please reach out to our customer solutions team to see if you are eligible.

Camp Discounts


If you are a first time camper who will be entering through 2nd grade and will be attending EFA or ZFA camp this summer, a discount will be applied to your account by the camp director. Discounts range from $150-$750.

One Happy Camper:

One Happy Camper is a grant that can be applied to first time campers attending 19 days of camp or more.

More Information


Early Childhood Discounts

JUF Right Start:

JUF Right Start is a program of the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago. Right Start provides up to $2,000 toward the tuition of your first child to attend a Jewish early childhood program

More Information

Refer a Friend:

Receive a $150 credit toward your child’s tuition for each tuition-paying child you refer who completes one year in our program. Your family and your friend’s family must have a child enrolled for the entire school year to take advantage of the Refer a Friend discount.

More Information